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What is Recall?
Recall is an AI tool that lets you quickly summarize and save any online content from YouTube videos to articles, podcasts, and more into a personal knowledge base. Not only does it categorize these summaries, but it also links them with related content you've saved before, uncovering connections and bringing up relevant past content just when you need it.
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Active Recall
You'll likely forget 90% of the content you consume within a week. Recall summarizes online content, connects it in a knowledge graph and resurfaces it on a schedule tailored to your learning curve, helping you remember the information you care about.
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Recall - Mobile Apps
Recall lets you summarize any online content and save it to your personal knowledge base. With Recall you can summarize the following: ▶️ YouTube videos 📰 Articles 🎙️ Podcasts 📄 PDFs 👩‍🍳 Recipes 🎥 Movie and TV series lists or any other webpages
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