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What is Peetch?
Peetch is a 100% free PowerPoint Pitchdeck Template available for Mac & PC. - 42 layouts including device mockups - 172 icons (customizable) - Ultra light (788KB)
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Recent launches

Selfone is a 100% free PowerPoint/Google Slides/Keynote template to present your app.
- 34 slides including SVG mockups & 172 icons
- Ultra light (less than 4MB)
- Customizable (change theme color)
- Nothing to install (fonts included or use system fonts)
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Glide is a 100% free PowerPoint template made for everyone.

- 80 slides including mockups, icons, maps
- Ultra light (less than 5MB photos included)
- Customizable (change theme colors)
- Uses System fonts (nothing to install, just open it & edit it)
- Available for Mac & PC
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