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What is Pactto?
Pactto is a mobile-first and private-first communication tool for creative pros easily to exchange feedback with precision, nuance, and fidelity. Give feedback on any video, image, audio, or screen recording. Use our palette of pro markup tools, compare multiple assets, save on-device for confidential WIP, and even work 100% offline. Great for video, content, and design professionals who cringe at the thought of long commenting threads and meetings just to clarify feedback.

Recent launches

Pactto: Record video feedback
Pactto is a mobile-first tool that helps creative pros easily provide feedback with precision, nuance, and fidelity. Add a recording of yourself to any video or image, use screen markup tools, and create clarity without endless commenting threads and meetings.
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Pactto Replay
Pactto Replay allows you to create precise video reviews from your computer, phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere. Quickly load a video from your gallery, your memory card, or even from YouTube or Discord, review it with powerful but simple tools, and share!
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