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Use Google Sheets as a no-code database for chatbots
Farooq (SF Ali) Zafar
Tyler Swartz
Wayne Sutton


Chat Automation With Google Sheets
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What is Botsheets?
Connect Google Sheets to chatbots for analysis, lead generation, and support. We read and write data and we keep AI in sync with changes to your data. It's the no-code database for chatbots that anyone can manage from a Google Drive.
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Recent launches

Botsheets Chat
Tell AI what data you want to collect from an audience and a chatbot will decide what questions to ask, how to ask them, and when to ask them, and deliver the data it collects to Google Sheets.
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Botsheets AI Writer
Built for service, marketing, and product leaders, Botsheets automatically turns unstructured chat data into structured data you can use to discover opportunities to grow and improve your business. It takes 2 minutes to set up and begins working immediately.
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