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Sprig Heatmaps
Capture a visual representation of your users’ in-product interactions with AI that does the analysis for you.
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Fuel Product Growth With AI Insights
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What is Sprig?
Sprig is an AI-powered product experience platform that empowers teams to optimize product adoption, retention, and satisfaction at scale. Next-gen companies like PayPal, Figma, and Dropbox rely on Sprig’s all-in-one platform to unlock their product’s full potential. Sprig is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, First Round Capital, and Figma Ventures.
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Sprig Feedback
Always know what your users are thinking with Sprig Feedback. First, effortlessly capture continuous user feedback right in your product or website. Then, instantly analyze responses with AI and get recommendations to unlock your product’s full potential.
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AI Product Insights Feed
Easily stay up-to-date on your users’ sentiment without having to manually review multiple reports and dashboards. Sprig AI Product Insights Feed centralizes the most relevant and interesting insights from across your Sprig studies into one real-time feed.
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