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What is Ditto?
Ditto lets teams manage and collaborate on the copy across all of their mockups. 🌟 See text edit history across your organization. Track status and approvals. Sync edits to duplicates. Work in our web app or directly in your mockups with our Figma plugin.
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Recent launches

Ditto 2.0
We’ve rebuilt Ditto from the ground up to handle your team’s copy from idea to design to development.💡 ❤️
With Ditto, you can start writing content, and then sync it with mockups in Figma or directly over to development when you're ready.
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Variables in Ditto
Variables in Ditto take care of interpolating dynamic values in product text.
🎨 With Variables, you can indicate where dynamic strings, numbers, and links live in your designs.
🤖 Variables get automatically formatted for developers.
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