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What is CanvasFlip?
CanvasFlip is fastest growing prototyping suite to create and validate your application design prototypes for your mobile and web applications. CanvasFlip is a cloud-based design collaboration and testing...
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Recent launches

Scribble for SketchApp πŸ’Ž
Share your artboards to cloud,
Invite copy guys to edit, discuss and finalize and,
Get latest copy locally in sketch file.

Yeah, that's Scribble!!

Scribble for SketchApp πŸ’Ž image
Visual Inspector On-site

Install Visual-Inspector in your site for collaborating your website feedback

just just like on Google docs.

Save hundreds of productive hours every week with:

- Visual editor to make changes. ( No coding required.)

- Works on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge

- No Chrome extension required.

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Visual Inspector On-site image
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