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This review is based on my opinions over the current issues and I suggest common solutions brainstorming ideas how to fix the game from a hobbyist gamers' point of view. Pokémon Go needs several new upgrades and need to run more affordable deals in their shop or drop the prices of the merchandise in the game of store. Pokemon GO current issues are the avatars their not fully customizable as they claimed in the new updated version of Pokémon Go. The female avatars are not as appealing to the eye due to the update causing them to lose their classic feminmine charm. Pokémon Go added different body sizes from very slim to plus size to the avatars however they failed to make better clothing options for the plus avaters due to the old merchandise (clothing) does glitch on the plus size avaters or doesn't look that well on the new avaters so choosing an outfit for a plus size avatar can be challenging. But however as far customizable avatars Pokémon Go didn't add a height measurement scale feature to shorten or make the avaters tall. Other Missing features with the customizing your avater: arms, shoulders,legs, and hips scales are not available features to your personalized avatar so customizing the avatars does have their limitations. The new hairstyles could use more options for different hairstyles their limited also. Pokémon Go should add makeup as a feature to the female avatars to help make them look more feminmine. The female avatars look too masculine in my opinion. Pokémon Go it's time for the store have a major upgrade for clothing. Okay, now we have the avaters talked about now lets continue on the next few flaws. Once a friendship has reached full maximum of "Lucky Friends" please fix the issues most users have when someone decides to delete a user make sure both parties gets equal experience points. If someone deletes a user they should get what experience points both parties earned during the time of being friends. The System is out dated as far trying to level up by yourself the raid bosses are too hard to solo raid bosses by yourself and specialty if you live rural places where not many people play the game or if the user doesn't have that any friends and their all low levels on the game it does matter how strong your Pokémon are and if their able to battle raid bosses but most likely you have turn other individuals for help when leveling up and to battle raid bosses unfortunately you'll be awhile leveling up individually and most like unable to take on a 3 or higher star raid battle by yourself. Most users turn to these Pokemon Go social groups on social media to add random users to collect daily gifts and to add random people to help with raids. I feel like you shouldn't have to add a bunch of random people around the world just to level up in a game thats my opinion there should be more tasks or daily missions to earn more free stardust and other merchandise along with more experience points going towards leveling up more quickly. Daily limit and Pokecoins limits. Daily limit shouldn't be anymore due to having to add random people on the game means accepting alot of gifts to earn friendship exp and your exp level. People buy storage why not change the daily limit to storage bag limit? This makes so much more sense and storage prices are more affordable than buying most of the items out of shop and you grow your storage bag by 50 plus more items to accumulate for the users by accepting the gifts from the people on the friends list or atleast make the daily limit more flexible towards the friends list if a user has 100 friends you should be able to open 40-50 gifts from their friends. Another helpful feature that could be helpful add a automatic button that opens all gifts at once. Raid passes is another issue in this matter Pokémon Go dont refund the raid passes once in a lobby and if the lobby goes empty and its just you remaining in the lobby because everyone in that ghosted you in that lobby you get the feeling everyone wasted a raid pass before even battling the raid boss and I feel like this a ripoff if your a low level and you're trusting the lobby to stay there but they all ghost you by leaving the lobby completely. Pokecoins shouldn't have a limit if you get back your Pokémon out of gyms as a prize for defending the gym. Thats bad news when you get more pokemon knocked out gyms and for someone trying not to spend alot of money on the game...
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