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What do people think of Rive?

The community submitted 49 reviews to tell us what they like about Rive, what Rive can do better, and more.
What do you think about Rive?
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Comedian, Musician & Game Dev
16 reviews
As I was ready to give up on Linux for not having a single animation tool that works with flair - This Application capture my optic nerves faster than a Karen causing mayhem. Been use it since the beta and still here. No more using Synfig or using wine/crossover on my Artix OS PC.
Janine Wagner
7 reviews
I recently started using Rive for creating animations in my Flutter projects, and I'm totally loving it! The ability to tweak parameters at runtime is a huge plus, making the animations not just dynamic but also incredibly flexible. Coming from an Adobe After Effects background, I find Rive's approach to animation straightforward and user-friendly. It feels familiar yet innovative, offering a smooth transition for anyone accustomed to traditional animation software. Rive has definitely elevated my Flutter apps with its seamless and powerful animation capabilities. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to spice up their app designs!
Emmett Armstrong
2 reviews
This is absolutely the next-gen for interactive web graphics!
Sarang Gambhir
Founder: nendo, mybento
10 reviews
A truly amazing innovation, so much better than the clunky lottie animation pipeline and file bloat.
Nadia Herman


2 reviews
its cutting-edge format and its commitment to openness – both in the format itself and its players. As a business, Rive provides an impressive suite of design and development tools that seamlessly support this groundbreaking technology. A must-have for anyone looking to elevate their digital experiences through dynamic and responsive graphics.
Tony Moreno

Founder & Leadership at Black Pug Studio

4 reviews
Our studio needed a reliable and efficient tool to create engaging animations for our clients. We were fortunate to discover this tool, and it completely transformed our workflow. We're still using it today because it's been invaluable in helping us deliver high-quality animations quickly and efficiently. It's been a total game-changer for us, and we're definitely sticking with it for the foreseeable future.
Jerome Sings
software engineer and designer
1 review
It's fast, it's compact in size, the editor is easy to use. My go-to for future interactive animation projects.
Cyril Chaillan
Currently building CodenQuest
5 reviews
I am not a designer at all and it made everything really easy to implement stunning interactive animations!
Ervin Caci
Motion Designer
1 review
Rivi is the best alternative of after effects!
I love working with Rive. It's fast and easy to use