Create and export Lottie animations to sites and apps easily
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Lottielab was a runner up for Design Tools in 2023
Runner Up • Design Tools Product of the Year
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What is Lottielab?
Create and export Lottie animations to your websites and apps easily! - Import SVGs, Lotties, from Figma or create from scratch - Animate with a simple but powerful timeline - Export as Lottie, Gif or MP4 to any platform - Collaborate with your team
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Lottielab Livelink CDN
Livelink CDN enables you to: - Publish animations to your sites and apps in one-click, from the editor. - Export the smallest Lottie file size ever, up to 100x smaller than Lottie JSON. - Manage and update versions of your assets live from the editor.
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The easiest way to animate your Figma designs and export seamlessly to Lottie, Gif or MP4 for your websites, apps and marketing purposes.
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