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What is INK?
INK is an all-in-one AI content suite which combines AI writing, AI assistant, AI images, AI SEO, AI keyword research, AI keyword clustering, AI Detection, and much, much more, in a in a single, affordable subscription. INK is not another GPT wrapper - since 2019 we have helped content marketers, business owners and agencies take advantage of our patented performance technology to soar past the competition.
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Recent launches

This is a tool for bloggers, website owners and writers. An AI tool that writes for you in the most intelligent form matching your writting style. also an SEO tool that shows you live data as you write giving you word suggestions and helps your blog get found!
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Feel confident you've boosted your content for SEO by optimizing and writing in one place. Finally, improve your traffic potential by understanding what your audience wants, and how Google interprets content - so your ideas stay top of mind.
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