What is the best Social Media platform to market your PH launch?

Jao Japitana
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Elen Udovichenko
It's ALL OF THEM! 😅 We even tapped into Whatsapp and Telegram communities with our launch
Daxeel Soni
@elen_u Interesting. How do your find these communities? Will be helpful for our launch
Elen Udovichenko
@daxeelsoni On Telegram, you can simply use the search - there are a few of public groups. As for the Whatsapp, got some suggestions from fellow makers!
I'm definitely not the authority on anything social media, due to me avoiding it so long due to my previous military career, but I would think probably X or Insta, just due to chance to touch more users that may not be directly looking for you or your product type, but I could be way off lol.
Aditya Chavan
@reconcatlord while I love your logic, the best support that you can get is from existing PH users. Believe it or not Most PH users are LinkedIn users. So I believe best social media to promote PH launch should be LinkedIn
Aron Walter
Have you tried leveraging LinkedIn?
Jao Japitana
@aronwalter8 @reconcatlord Yes, I have joined and interacted with the communities there and everyone is just awesome. It's quite a bit of challenge managing time to answer all the messages in all the platforms but enjoying it. I just wanted to know which among these platforms works best. Of course the upcoming launch won't be the only one we will do and it would be nice to set some notes I could also share with everyone after the first launch 😊
Raju Singh
@aronwalter8 @reconcatlord @jao_japitana We launched yesterday and are getting a tonne of help from LinkedIn, Twitter groups primarily. Obviously, the community here on PH is such a sport. They are always there to support. We are still live as AppSave and into our last 4 hours. Looking forward to see you there.
@jao_japitana Exactly, it becomes a full time job just answering messages, but I'm sure there will by a cross-platform AI responder for that soon 🤣 Looking forward to the launch! 😊
@aronwalter8 @reconcatlord @jao_japitana Hey, lets connect everywhere and support each other ( :
Neel Patel
I think it is X and LinkedIn. Launching today, let's see how many people support from where ;) I am pretty big on PH community itself :)
Zoe Allen
Look where your target audience is, it totally depends on that.
Aditya Chavan
@zoe_allen3 Interesting thought, but for a PH launch to be successful you ned that person to have a PH account. My user might be on Facebook but a very small subset of Facebook users would be using PH. thoughts?
Juan Correa
@zoe_allen3 @aditya_chavan3 I would say, what are the interests of your target audience users? if they are software engineers, probably looking for a software engineer group could be a good option to start interacting.
Prema Toppo
LinkedIn and Slack
Daxeel Soni
@prema_toppo How slack? Curious to know and learn for our launch.
Kate Ramakaieva
@prema_toppo @daxeelsoni there are dedicated channel for startupers, but I'm not sure about their activity
Nico Spijker
@prema_toppo @daxeelsoni There are quite a few free Slack communities with channels for this. Here are some that come to mind: - Demandcurve - PLG - CRO growth hacks - Growth marketing pros
Daxeel Soni
@prema_toppo @nicolaas_spijker Wow this is awesome. Thanks for sharing 👍
Tanvirul Huda
Twitter and LinkedIn are commonly effective for reaching a professional audience, while Instagram and Facebook may work well for a more consumer-oriented product
Xavier JJ
@tanvirulhuda So like.. Twitter and LinkedIn are great for introducing products that help development/business while Instagram and Facebook are great for Entertainment/Consumer apps?
Daxeel Soni
PH (of course), LinkedIn & X
Khul Anwar
@daxeelsoni How we can do some publication on Linkedin ? is there kind of group, hashtag since i am a new linkedin user
Kaira Chetnani
LinkedIn, X and Insta
Olena Bomko
Where your customers/potential customers are. LinkedIn and X worked the best for me :)
Daniel Burns
Highly depending on the target audience. However, if it's B2B then go for LinkedIn or Twitter. Yet, if it's B2C then opt for Instagram. Some say Facebook, but it didn't turn out well in our case (we're B2B).
Jernej Dvoršak
Many say it's X. It's hard to start from zero there so you have to use other options. To me, LinkedIN seems a good choice because it allows DM which are useful on the day of the launch. Or not. 😀 I'll see how it goes tomorrow and let you know.🙂
Daxeel Soni
@jernej_dvorsak But how do you find active users of PH on LinkedIn?
Boudewijn Bos
I think it really depends on where you have a following or what stage your product is in or what you goal is! The one with the biggest following or most engagement would be the obvious answer when it comes to spreading the word, if you are selling a niche product than you should launch where your potential converting customers are
Andrey Severin
X and then LinkedIn
Tyler Loyd
For a Product Hunt launch: Utilize Twitter for real-time updates and engaging with influencers. LinkedIn is ideal for B2B products and industry insights. Engage in Reddit communities while adding value, not just promoting. Leverage Product Hunt itself engage, post updates, and respond. Use Instagram's visual appeal and influencers for showcasing products.
Bren Kinfa 💎 SaaS Gems
X and LinkedIn seem to do well.
Choosing the right social media platform for your Product Hunt launch is like picking the perfect spice for a dish. It depends on your audience taste. LinkedIn brings the professional vibes, Twitter is the rapid-fire conversation hub, and Instagram is the visual feast.