Want to launch a Youtube show or video podcast but don't have the time or expertise to edit?

John McTavish
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As a podcast host and producer myself, I know the feeling all too well. I f*ckin love prepping for interviews, meeting new people that come on the show, that feeling of joy when a guest says 'oh this is the first podcast I've been on and it was really fun.' That's all the icing on the cake. But editing full episodes and producing promo clips after the interview is done is such a drag. So I'm happy to be on the Clipwing team and offering fellow creators a full-service show production subscription. You'll get: - 5 shows edited a month with awesome thumbnails, timecodes, the works - 3 shorts/tiktoks per episode - Feedback on improving the show & a pro subscription to clipwing.pro to make unlimited clips of your own. LMK if you'd be interested!
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