Should PH be renamed "AI Product Hunt?"

Mathis Vella
16 replies
Because 8 out of 10 Products of the Day are AI-based 😂 At this rate, I'm expecting my coffee to be brewed by an algorithm tomorrow morning!


Elen Udovichenko
So we're breaking the rules, trying to get #1 as non-AI product 🙌
Dzmitry Tsemirau
Cool idea! let's see what happens as a result of the recent events at Open AI.
Daniel Zaitzow
I feel the same way - really hoping the volume of AI products helps our product launch though. We have AI integrated into the platform but it won't be fundamentally based on AI or any LLM which seems to really go against the current grain.
Hah, imagine thins. Apple MacProAI, Nike AirAi, Audi A4Ai
Well "they" said we'd lose control and it would be the end of humanity, maybe it starts here 🤷‍♂️🤣😊
Raju Singh
AppSave is a non AI startup and proud to be. We launched today and are elated with the response we got. Do Drop by to check!
Surya Kazipeta
Shucks! is already taken :(
Mathis Vella
@kazisaur maybe ? 😂
Tanvirul Huda
"Haha, seems like we're living in the future! ☕🤖 AI is definitely dominating the Product Hunt scene. Who knows, your morning brew might just get an upgrade to Algorithmic Espresso by tomorrow! 😄 #AIFueledLife"