Remote work or on-site work?

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I prefer remote work in this case I can wake up in every place l love in the world.


Luka Vasic
Hybrid might be the best for me (1-2 days in the office) as it gives needed flexibility + a human connection. But if I had to choose, remote work all the way. Nothing can beat the flexibility you have with remote work and not needing to spend 1h+ commuting.
@luka_vasic Sure thing! That is my perfect wlb timetables too.I just cannot understand why people waste time to commuting everyday. And I am that kind of people who need to social with others. So maybe hybrid is a great method for people like us.
Novie Rose Rianna Dizon
I prefer remote work to avoid travel time and expenses, and also eat home-cooked food :)
@novie_dizon lol nice point!It is easy to lose weight when people eat home-cooked food
@novie_dizon time is money isnt it? ( :
Raju Singh
A mix of both in the right balance. Remote is good for productivity but onsite gives us a better and much stronger chance to build trust with the team. It always comes handy when things are not going the right path and trust is the only thing that takes us past that situation.
Raju Singh
@sylvia_sheng Absolutely. Most progressive tech companies do offer this and hence they make the most out of it.
@imraju Agree, and appropriate work transparency and occasional offline activities can help to build trust.
@imraju i agree, its kinda happens. I agree. An alternative could be to become a nomad with the team. So you have freedom and the team with you 😅. what do you think?
@imraju @iris_y i agree. The hybrid model has been adopted by many companies around the world, specially in Europe.
Frederic Mamath
@imraju 100% Agree. The flexibility of having both options is the right balance. As you said, remote working is incredible for productivity and reduce interruption. On site work makes trust building so much easier. However, with my current team, we managed to implement the same level of trust with the following values: - Add value every single day thanks to transparency, it's okay to have challenges but it needs to be exposed publicly as soon as possible to be able to receive help - Asynchronous communication - Every decision should be documented These resources are what helped us build this system: - (very short reading: < 5min) - (very long training: > 10 hours)
Remote definitely, but if I were the boss, I probably would like to ask my employees to work onsite cause I have some trust issues LoL.
@ashley_z lol good point, I am solution oriented person, so if I am the boss, if the employee can show me the good result, no matter he/she is onsite or not lol
@sylvia_sheng Well, i would say people could be driven via a framework of activities. What i think is most of the people are not really driven since coming from different background and environment. However, the wisdom to produce good results could be awaken by a proper framework which has become a trend in many companies. I saw companies adopted different tactics and activities ..
Sara jalildokhti
i prefer hybrid ! Hybrid work lets you juggle work and life better, giving flexibility and cost savings, and the chance to create a personalized work setup.
It depends :) If a have something to really focus by myself, sometimes remote is better, but it is not easy to keep my motivation high,it is also good to see people working with me and socialize a little.
@emre_bolcal True story, people still need to be connected to society. So hybrid may be a good way lol
Artyom Sviridov
I prefer combining both the remote and office work.
Artyom Sviridov
@sylvia_sheng Yep. As much as I love working remotely, at times I simply need to go out :D
Omid Hadidy
For application developers (mobile and web) better remote work, but backend and the other positions that need to be present in the office for qccess to the company resource, better onsite work.
Jack Miller
Remote is preferable for me.
Tornike Tsiramua
On-site. love networking and see the process
@tornike_tsiramua1 Yes, it is cool to see a thing from 0 to 1, isn't it bro?
Khagani Bayramov
I have been working fully remote for a year. But, hybrid regime seems reasonable to me. Humans are social creatures and need socializing thereby. You can't isolate yourself totally.
Henry Habib
remote work, especially in winter :)
Yavuz Tunc Emran
Remote work for flexibility and global talent; on-site for strong team cohesion and quick collaboration. Blend based on project needs.
Peter Olanrewaju
Remote work is good for me
Jean Gatt
I much prefer on site personally, especially being an early stage startup. I feel I'm so much more productive having my own space in an office personally.
@jean_gatt Sure story! It's harder to concentrate when working remotely, especially when working remotely from home, and the bed would have a great attraction for me lol
@jean_gatt Thats a scenario ! As a STARTUP it really requires people and team around to keep up the positive spirit and motivation.
Imran Razak
I think for me I prefer hybrid remote. You get to speak to people in-person which is a social necessity a few times a week and the rest remote during the week.
@imran_razak Sure thing! I hate wasting time on the commute. And I also think home cook food is more heathy. However, Humans still have to have some social activities lol
Jovana Djekovic
I'd definitely go with remote work. It just offers so much flexibility – I can manage my schedule in a way that suits my lifestyle. Plus, I've noticed I'm way more productive at home without the usual office distractions. And from a business perspective, remote work means you can hire from a wider talent pool, which is pretty cool.
@jovana_djekovic Yes, considering the cost factor, a larger pool with more candidates means being able to hire better people for less money.
@rhexai Love engage with real people, don’t u?