Launching tomorrow! :) What ROI should I expect from launching (very) technical products on PH?

Kas Szatylowicz
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We are launching not one, but two products this month! I'm wondering what should be my expectations for launching a very dev-focused product (Lakera Guard) on Product Hunt. Do developers hang out on PH? Should I keep my expectations low? Tomorrow (Sept 12th) we'll have Lakera Chrome Extension go live: And on 27th September our product Lakera Guard:


Maxwell Odonkor
Congratulations! We are launching Somantic Ai tomorrow as well
Ahmer Saud
Yeah , Developers do hang out on PH, but dont forget the non techies, pitch your content for both kind of audience. Good luck for the launch
Chris Lindner
It looks like a very pratical tool. I'm looking forward to seeing it.