Do you encourage your email subscribers to follow your teaser page and support your PH launch?

Kas Szatylowicz
3 replies
We've recently had a fairly successful launch and are soon launching our next product (27th September) - and I was considering running an email campaign to engage our subscribers and inform them about our upcoming launch. Have you done that before if you had an existing email list? How did it go? :) Were your subscribers already on Product Hunt?


Daniel Zaitzow
Eager to see what the responses are like here - We're rolling out to our beta cohort and mailing list first so I think it's a no brainer to keep them updated and soft-sell them on engaging on PH. I'd prefer not to push too hard.
Maali Baali
Absolutely! Email subscribers are your most loyal and engaged fans, so it's important to keep them updated on your product launch and encourage them to support you on Product Hunt.
Devesh Vyas
Just make sure not to touch base with the list just a day before or on the day of launch. Have a strategy in place and segment your email list and send a sequence of 5-7 emails and weave a story around the product, what's the product, what problem it solves, how it can help them, and people love to be a part of the process so don't shy away from telling a few behind the scenes about the product how you build the product, what failures/mistakes/obstacles you encountered during the product creation stage and solution. It sets you apart from other SaaS brands and this kind of marketing put soul into your (lacklustre) highly technical brand.