I'm Mehrdad, co-founder of Selldone. I like to be closer, plz ask here 🤙

Mehrdad Pajuhaan
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Hey hunters👋 I'm Mehrdad, and currently, I'm working on Selldone. Traditional e-commerce platforms like Shopify are great for creating basic online shops, but when it comes to more complex business models, the process becomes overwhelming and time-consuming, and it needs to install and configure many plugins and buy 3rd party services. With Selldone, we aim to remove the need for coding, plugins, and templates and simplify commerce by automating micro-tasks in the background, leaving business owners with only the important decisions to make🍹. In this way, our latest launch is a subscription-selling tool that allows for selling subscription boxes, paywalls, memberships, and more. I understand the desire for independence and entrepreneurial spirit in the PH community👸 🤴, which is why I am happy to answer any questions or ask here you may have!
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