Are you care about NFT and digital art or it's just a 'WTF' for you? 🤔

Mehrdad Pajuhaan
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You know that companies are developing marketplaces for NFTs. Like Most of them work on Ethereum, but I think the future NFT space on the Cardano network will be significantly expanded. I am working on a commerce platform like Shopify but completely removes the needs of plugins and templates, literally providing no-code tools for building the website, online store, marketing, etc. Now I'm looking for a niche market to introduce my product. I consider the NFT online exhibition a niche that allows artists and collectors to create their collection of digital art assets on their dedicated domain. As you know, keep token policies over time is hard work and requires websites (or any online space) to reference art assets and their policies. Artists should create these collections themselves in their domain. Is it the correct approach? In addition, it will be possible to sell these tokens as digital products on the site without any intermediaries. (For token owner accept regular payment via Stripe, PayPal, ...) Do you see this niche market with this need? We also need early users for my product. Plz, support us in any way you like. I lunched it today:


Armin Dhd
NFT, buy and sell online all things you want!
David J. Kim
It's a great market for sure, although I personally don't find value in them. Many many people do it seems.
Mehrdad Pajuhaan
@between_team Transactions in NFT space increasing, and some players in the market like OpenSea raise over 120M$. But all information about this market (real trades / fake market pumping) is not clear.