How did you acquire your first 1,000 customers?

Utkarsh Choudhary
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Lori Mitchell
How did you successfully acquire your first 1,000 customers? 🚀 Share your strategies, tips, and tricks to inspire fellow entrepreneurs! 💪🔥
Nick Anisimov
Nothing out of the ordinary, just Google (Ads + SEO).
Tim Dierckxsens
On the B2B side - still working on it - launched a business portal (self-service checkout) to speed it up. On the B2C side - we launched a B2B2C product solving rapid onboarding in web3. As a result we have onboarded 3M+ end-users.
sri misra
@web3tim That sounds amazing. What product was it for? Curious as you mentioned Web3 in there.
Aden Will
Mostly through ads.
Alexandre Guérin
SEO and sidecar product. Medium is also a very good place to acquire users.
Sahinur Akther
I acquired my first 1,000 customers through a combination of targeted marketing campaigns, where I reached out to specific audiences who were genuinely interested in my product. Additionally, I leveraged the power of word-of-mouth by implementing a referral program that rewarded existing customers for bringing in new ones.
Jeffery Kaneda
I am now collecting 1000 users.
Divine Rivers
Wow, answers are very helpful as we gear up to launch the first half of our Marketplace come July 17th. Hoping organic marketing and a modest investment in paid marketing does us wonder. Any suggestions/tips & tricks for SEO & SEM on Google?
sri misra
Really great answers in this forum! I was curious about this personally as the first 1000 are the key consumers.