Growing fast, reached 1M+ users 🚀

Quba Fatima
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Hi All, This is Quba, Leading Product Design at Pixelied. Just wanted to share this achievement with this beautiful community, we're small (a team of 4) and for us this is BIG! Let's do an ASK ME ANYTHING on this achievement.


Quba Fatima
Btw, we're launching a new tool this Monday to Pixelied's stack which is an interesting Color Palette Generator:
Matej Cabadaj
Wooooooow! This is amazing! Congrats! 🤩 What marketing strategies are you using? How do you acquire users? :)
Leo Kim
Congrats! How about your body condition? I'm diying. such as creeping death. Because I'm getting ready to launch Product Hunt.
Laura Dovalina
Congratulations ! 🥳