280 days streak and I am stopping today.

Vlad Zivkovic
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In Top 100 active members 3 years of product hunt 2 launched products Almost 10,000 upvoted launches Yesterday I launched my second project on PH and as many of the community members saw it didn't get featured in the yesterday launches. Even if I had enough votes for 5th place and potentially get 4th or 3rd if I had exposure but no. PH decided to hide my launch from all pages. Posted in the community that we are going live, that post was hidden as well from the discussion, I added second post that my launch is not visible that post was also hidden from discussion forum. I tried to reach out to support on all possible platforms, sent multiple requests through support desk, nobody answered me. I doubt that even this post will get approved by PH moderator, but I don't see the purpose to be active member of the community that doesn't support it's community members. Thank you to all people who supported my yesterday launch and to those who didn't, you are all legends! Happy hunting!


Orysia Khimiak
It's so sad to hear that, but I totally understand your decision - when Ryan Hoover was with PH it really felt like a community of people who care about products. Few months ago, on a day when we launched our product, even our team received mass emails from our competitor - they were just sending them to everyone asking to register on PH and vote for them what is against PH rules. I know you need to accumulate your community, but mass email that encourage to vote anyyyone felt like a scam. PH team didn't care much about it, so we didn't have a first place.
Vlad Zivkovic
@orysia_khimiak Yeah I agree, I don't even care about first place. I just want to launch my product and get traffic. But they don't ever replay to me on why they removed me.
hey man, Im genuinely sorry to hear about the challenges you faced with your recent launch. Its disheartening when efforts don't get the recognition they deserve, especially after the tremendous support you have given to others. your resilience and positive spirit shine through despite the setbacks. Remember, your work and contributions don't go unnoticed, and your commitment to the community is truly commendable. Keep pushing boundaries, and hopefully, the visibility your projects deserve will align with your efforts. and the community around you on PH is and will be always there to support you. πŸ‘Š
Andrei Kashtanov
It is so heartbreaking to see! This moderation issue should stop already! So many people face this problem, and the answers from support take forever. We really need to do something about it. PH has such a great supporting community, but the moderation issue ruins everything and causes such amazing people to leave!
Vlad Zivkovic
@etr_king It is what it is for now, I will keep supporting others!
Dariush Abbasi
Hey Vlad, It was hard for me yesterday, we get featured and goes rank #3 but all team members asks each other why wewaat is not in the list, it was a great product form a great person in our community
Jacob Choi
I am so sorry that this launch turned out this way..it's devastating. Still I hope that you find some motivation in the comments to stay on PH and keep your streak going! 280 days is mad impressive Vlad! Also hope that someone on the PH team is able to get back to you soon. :(
Vlad Zivkovic
@jacob_boston I will stay here to support others, I just don't need to invest my time as much as before.
Jacob Choi
@vladimir_zivkovic It makes sense! I feel some of how you felt yesterday. We launched today and ran into the same issue of not being featured anywhere as well... Though we've only been with product hunt a few months, the frustration is very real. 🫠 -- It seems at this point we are just going to see what happens, but if you'd like to check us out, we'd appreciate it...! https://www.producthunt.com/post...
That sucks. I can only imagine all the work that goes into a launch for it to flop because of something outside of your control and worse yet, not have it resolved by the platform. You don’t need PH, you’ve got this. Hoping to stay connected
Prem Saini
Launching soon!
I can understand your feelings of frustration and sadness from working so hard on a project without receiving the recognition you hoped for. I do recognize the valuable contributions you have made as a committed member of their community. Your dedication to following through on your ideas and achieving your goals is inspiring, and your perspective deserves to be heard.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Andre Yang
Hi Vlad please dont stop hunting
That's really frustrating to hear about your experience with launching your second project on Product Hunt. It's disheartening when your hard work doesn't get the visibility it deserves. Have you considered reaching out to other members of the community for feedback or advice on how to navigate this situation? They might have insights or suggestions that could be helpful. Keep pushing and don't let this setback discourage you!
Philipp Geppert
Maybe you could check with PH if you can launch your product again?
Simran Kumar
Breaking a 280-day streak can feel disheartening, but it's essential to acknowledge your achievements and focus on the future. Reflect on what led to the decision, learn from it, and consider starting a new streak or setting new goals.
I'm so sorry to hear about this, it's very disheartening. I hope PH is transparent with you as to why they suppressed your launch. *hugs*
Does PH have some exact guidelines? What should you and others do to avoid invisibility? Vlad, I hope your product will rock in spite of this injustice!
Its very sad to hear about the frustrating experience you had with your recent Product Hunt launch. It's disheartening when your hard work doesn't get the visibility it deserves. This platform is amazing, and what I love even more than the platform itself is the supportive Product Hunt community and we actively use and recommend this platform to our clients for reviews as well @Producthunt, We invest a significant amount of time here, so please value our efforts. We recently encountered issues during our launch, receiving messages and emails to purchase paid upvotes. and @vladimir_zivkovic faced the issue of visibility for the product during the launch. We hope you understand our concerns and can address these situations for a better experience. Our faith in this platform remains strong, and we trust that improvements will be made. Thank you.
Shokat Ali
PH only favors their own people/hunters.
Julia Doronina
Lately, I've come across several discussions regarding products not being featured on the homepage. Could this be a strategy to promote the use of Hunters, who have the ability to directly place products on the homepage?
Carol Moh
That is really disappointing to hear, and I hope as a valued member of the community and as a top 100 active member, PH will give you some clarity about what happened yesterday. There have been a number of posts about discussions and launches not being visible, so I truly hope that a review takes place or at least more transparency around this.