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Brittany Flaherty
Before using Photify AI, I anticipated that the app would serve as an advanced photo editing tool, leveraging AI to transform ordinary portraits into creative, high-quality pictures. The expectation was that it would allow for significant customization and creativity, such as experimenting with different fashion styles and altering backgrounds to place the subject in various scenarios. The main “job to be done” that I was excited about was to try out different hairstyles on myself before committing to a new look. Overall, I was quite disappointed with this product. I was disappointed from the second I opened the app and have very little areas of excellence. The user interface was not intuitive, and the results were below expectations. • Lack of directions: When I first opened the app, I was confused on how to proceed. There was a black screen with a few icon buttons at the bottom (screenshot to the right). There was no tutorial to explain how to operate the app. I used 5 of the 10 free tokens before I was sure how to do just basic transformations. Explaining this token system would be another improvement to usability. • Unrealistic transformations: After loading the photo of myself to transform, the results looked only a little like me. It seemed to use a generic person of similar features rather than actually using my photo. This meant that it could not successfully perform my highest priority “job to be done.” I wanted to realistically see myself with different hairstyles and fashions. Instead, I got a stock photo that resembled me. Furthermore, the AI only considered the face which meant the body type was even less accurate. (See examples in screenshots to the right). • Limited customization: While there is a wide range of scenes to choose from, I could not fully customize the photo. I wanted to be able to control specific details of the photo such as hair color or length. I was also hoping to be able to mix and match backgrounds and outfits. Instead, I could only use pre-set templates. Furthermore, with the free version, you could not make any specific requests. You only selected the category and the app randomly selected a scene to use. If this new app can be rebuilt to meet the expectations as described, then it has a chance of surviving. However, the market is currently flooded with AI tools, and I am doubtful that Photify AI can differentiate in a positive way to win.
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