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Giraffe marketplace is designed to help startups grow faster & cheaper! Get $800k in credits: software brands allocate credit funds to attract more users. You don't need to pay anything afterward. Fill out a form and use the free software! Exclusive deals: on Giraffe you’ll get special discounts from software vendors: HubSpot, Asana, AWS, GitLab, Microsoft, etc. Also, you can find innovative tools to maintain your competitive edge. Product Hunt users get all perks with -67% off in 24 hours! media 1 media 2 media 3
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To maintain your competitive edge, Giraffe lets you afford powerful SaaS at low prices. Here you’ll get $800k in credits, exclusive discounts, and cutting-edge tools for your startup. These perks are available to Hunters for -67% off in just 24 hours! image