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What is Stacks?
Stacks is a marketplace of systems, each system is a package of WordPress theme & Mobile Application connected together and managed from the same administration area. With Stacks you can now have a package of integrated mobile application and WordPress Theme for just $27/month
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Recent launches

Stacks Mobile App Builder
Meet Stacks version 5.0! We are debunking the myth that only developers can create complex things. Our builder is not just for designing your home page, but a powerful solution to creating: - App Flow - Add new views - Connect the views - Customize any view
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Stacks Brickit
Meet Stacks' new builder “Brickit”! a fast, smooth & powerful drag & drop builder to easily design a native mobile App without any technical background. Within few steps, you can design & create your application in few minutes & upload it to Play & App stores.
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