The best alternatives to are Resume Io, Facebook, and AngelList. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 30 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to
  • Free online resume builder, allows you to create a perfect resume minutes. See how easy it is to create an amazing resume and apply for jobs today!
  • Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever. Share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you.
  • AngelList is building the infrastructure that powers the startup economy, providing startups and investors with the connected tools they need to launch and scale a startup or fundβ€”and invest in both.
  • Google Hire is a recruiting app by Google that uses AI to make the hiring process faster and simpler. With Gmail, Google Calendar and other G Suite integrations, Hire streamlines administrative tasks so that your team can hire the best people, faster.
  • Find the right tech job for you
  • Wanted is an anonymous marketplace to be hired out at your desired salary.
  • BetaList is a community of makers and early adopters showcasing their startups and exchanging feedback. It provides an overview of upcoming internet startups.
  • Curated list of the world's best jobs.
  • Insquad helps IT companies hire senior remote developers worldwide. Every Insquad developer passes rigorous vetting process with tests, coding challenges, and a video interview to confirm skills. β € Register today to find your best match with senior developers!
  • A magical beast of a job board
  • πŸ”πŸ”₯Search for breakout opportunities. Our algorithm sifts through startup data to help you identify high potential career opportunities. Search for your favorite industry and find a diamond in the rough.
  • Vervoe is an intelligent hiring platform that uncovers hidden talent through Talent Trials designed by leading industry experts. Vervoe uses machine learning to automatically rank candidates based on how they perform in real-world scenarios.
  • Career Hacking for Millennials is designed as a guidebook packed with quick reads, it will help you whether you’re looking to nail your first job, fast track to VP, or build a successful company from scratch.
  • is a short-link generator for app downloads. With you get one short-link or QR code to your app no matter if it's on Apple AppStore, Google Play, or any other app store. Instead of printing several QR codes or having several separate links to each app store, you only need one short link or QR code.
  • We have spent the past decade in London building great teams. We are applying that experience to improving the process of discovering transparent companies. The best people won’t apply because because your job is a slightly different colour to the other jobs. The best people apply because you are embracing honesty and transparency.
  • Candor allows remote teams to do shoutouts, share check-ins, give feedback, and prep for 1-on-1 meetings, all in one place.
  • Jobs for hungry programmers
  • A new way to earn money for college. With RaiseMe, anyone can earn money for college starting in 9th grade based on their achievements in school and life.
  • Drafted helps you tap into the full potential of your company network to source, qualify, and hire the right candidates.
  • Be a Better Programmer - Learn. Compete. Get Hired.