Use AI to write better Instagram posts & save time
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What is is an AI/ML product that helps Instagram Marketers craft better posts in half the time. gives: 1. Improvement suggestions for better engagement. 2. Curated hashtags and caption ideas to save a lot of crafting time. media 1 media 2 media 3

Recent launches 3.0
Upgrade your Social Media Game with a touch of AI. Simply input your idea and watch it come to life on screen via a Video/Carousel/Single Image creative. No need for tedious and complicated editing. Just a few touches and you are ready to go! 3.0 image 2.0
Launching 2.0! Now you can:

1. Create ready-to-use Social Media posts from 1-liner text input. Our AI makes Images, captions, and Hashtags and suggests the best time to post.
2. Publish to Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin in 1 click. 2.0 image
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