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OWOX SQL Copilot for BigQuery
Generate SQL Queries 50х Faster with AI. OWOX BI SQL Copilot automatically connects to your database and empowers data and business teams to create accurate SQL effortlessly — free of charge.
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Automate your digital marketing reporting
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Meet an all-in-one data analytics and tracking solution designed to easily collect, prepare, and analyze marketing data with precision and complete control over performance
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Ask GA
If you're not a Google Analytics guru, don't struggle with hundreds of tabs and setup! Make your marketing analytics reporting efficient and pleasant by using askGA with ready 30+ marketing dashboards.
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Cost Data Import to Google Analytics
Use free OWOX BI Cost Data Import to set up automatic cost data import from 7 most popular non-Google-based ad services to your GA, get real values in your ROAS reports, and increase your sales by managing the actual efficiency of your ad campaigns.
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