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It’s not always easy to talk about your looks and health with your doctor. That’s why we created the Hims & Hers app. It’s the only personal wellness app that makes it easy—and affordable—to access prescriptions and products, and get the medical advice you need from real physicians. Especially about the topics that are just a little harder to discuss. If you know what we mean
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Hims Anonymous Support Groups
The world has been turned upside down. In times like these, it’s vital to take care of our mental health. And because individual therapy isn’t for everyone, we’re providing access to group support sessions, available through your phone or computer.
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Hims Skin Care

Hims skin care products are medical grade and backed by science to reduce the signs of aging and eliminate acne. you can go to the website and get connected with a dermatologist who will recommend the correct skin care routine. everything is shipped directly to your door. no doctor's office visits or waiting in line at the pharmacy.

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Questions about hims

Frequently asked questions

Hims offers multiple options to treat erectile dysfunction, including Sildenafil which is the generic version of Viagra.

Viagra is the brand name version of Sildenafil. They are essentially the same drug, are equally as effective, and work in the same way. Hims also offers Cialis, Tadalafil (a generic form of Cialis), and Stendra to treat erectile dysfunction.

Yes - when used as prescribed, Hims products are generally safe to use.

However, because ED medications are known to affect one's circulation, it is very important that all customers share with the Hims physicians their health concerns, cardiovascular status, and if they are taking any other medications.

Unfortunately, Hims products are not covered by insurance.

However, their products are available at 50-80% off what it would cost at retail, making it a more affordable and accessible option for most consumers.

Yes, the products and medications that Hims offers are FDA-approved.

As a service dedicated to men's health, they provide easier and more affordable access to products that can potentially better men's hair, skin, and sexual health.

Yes, Hims is a legitimate company! As a men's wellness brand and telehealth service, they offer products for a range of men's issues including hair loss, erectile dysfunction, aging skin, and more.

Hims was founded in 2017 by Andrew Dudum with Hilary Coles as part of the Atomic Labs portfolio. In 2019, Hims raised $100 million in a Series C funding round, on a pre-money valuation of $1 billion. And in 2020, the company closed a deal with Oaktree Capital Management to go public through a blank check company, bringing their valuation to $1.6 billion.

Hims has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but their BBB customer reviews amount to 1.54 stars out of 5. These negative reviews show that a fair number of customers have had a negative experience with regard to shipping and billing issues.