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What is Chainfuel?
Telegram bots to track your community metrics, block spammers, and drive engagement with Chainfuel - Telegram Analytics, Moderation, Anti-Spam, and CRM. All for free.
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Recent launches

Chainfuel for Telegram

Chainfuel is a new (free) analytics, anti-spam, and engagement tool for Telegram Supergroups.

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Free Analytics Bot for Telegram

Hey PH!

The fine folks over at recently released this Free Telegram Analytics bot, which will send you daily recaps of the key stats from your Telegram group, including:

1. Total # of Users

2. New users (past 24h)

3. Churned users (past 24h)

4. Messages (past 24h)

5. Sentiment score (past 24h)

It's free for life. Check it out!

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