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flo merian

Marketing at Mintlify

24 reviews
Review of Around 2.0
Around is a lightweight, elegant alternative to Zoom and Google Meet. Its UI design is delightful, and its Slack integration is a breath. Perfect for team collaboration -- and more.
Bhavik Chavda
Building Impler
3 reviews
I am amazed how the team has brought the video conferencing experience to a new level. Elegant and nice solution. Excited to integrate and use it with my team.
Robin Vekety


2 reviews
I use it daily, fun and effective way to communicate, but it uses way too much resources for my liking. Collaborating with screensharing with live coding and trying to build and run with Xcode while in a call makes the build process extremely slow which wastes everyone's time.
Csaba Tóth

Founder & Leadership

3 reviews
It was a great alternative to other video call solutions, but with the latest updates many bugs appeared. But I think it will have the initial professionalism as at the beginning.
Richard Galovič

Founder & Leadership at WOLFSTARK.COM

4 reviews
Amazing tool for remote office and productive group meetings. I love this rounded floating video conference style. I prefer it to all other video conferencing platforms.
Cara (Borenstein) Marin
Working on
4 reviews
Really helpful how you can have some teammates in the same room and some teammates at home on the same around call. Everyone can see each other's video and any content that gets screen-shared.
David A. Lindahl
web dev | into design & startups
5 reviews
I loved using this app - it focuses all the right things and has a strong UI and feature set that is miles better than Zoom or Google Meet.
François Lecomte
Tech guy, CTO & co-founder of Kohomai
4 reviews
Review of Around
The best video chat tool when you want to share your screen, or have several people in the same virtual + physical room. I love it
Oakkar Phyoe

Engineering at Kids Toy

2 reviews
Татьяна Ли
Sales teams manager
15 reviews
Really helpful how you can have some teammates in the same room and some teammates at home on the same around call.