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What is Anything World?
Anything World is a platform that allows you to play with any object you can imagine using the power of your voice. We have combined cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding, Computer Vision, and extensive 3D libraries to allow you to request, see, manipulate, and experience anything you can think of. Simply say what you want, have it appear, and then play with it within your 3D world - be that in AR, VR, a game, a simulation... The only limit is your imagination!
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Animate Anything
Get your own 3D models rigged and animated automatically with AI. Just upload your static model and then download it with animations as fbx, glb or gltf+bin! Use your models anywhere game-ready (Unreal, Unity, Blender, Maya and more). Let's animate & have fun!
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Anything World
Create endless 3D worlds using your voice with Anything World - in realtime, with AI behaviours applied!
The only limit is the limit of your imaginary imagination!
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