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Sasha Zaiats 🇺🇦
👋 Hey Product Hunters! I'm Sasha, COO & co-founder of Milestone. As a UX Designer, crafting intuitive experiences is my jam. But traditional onboarding tools? SKIPfest. (‍ Anyone else skip those "Here's the Dashboard" tooltips?) The struggle is real: a whopping 75% of users churn because of bad or non-existent onboarding. Milestone solves this. We built a no-code gamification platform to make user onboarding engaging and effective. Here's the magic: 🕹️ Interactive tours: Ditch passive clicking! Get users involved with gamified steps. 👥 Super-personalization: Show the right features at the right time with advanced triggers. 💻 No-code builder: Build flows in minutes, no developer needed. 🪄 🎉 Virtual assistants & rewards: Keep users motivated with friendly guidance and fun rewards. We're passionate about building a better onboarding experience. What are your pain points? P.S. We'd love your feedback on the platform! 💚
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Job van der Voort
The world meaningfully changed in the last 4 years. We started working in a very different way..mostly for good. But even happily remote working, nothing beats spending time together. Whether that's to work on strategy, or just hang out. Many teams - my own including, quickly figured out that bringing together people from many different countries in one place was a massive undertaking. I know of companies that have small teams just dedicated to organizing offsites. Offsites are a critical piece of making remote work successful, which is why I'm such a big fan (and investor) of Offsite. Having organized dozens of offsites, Offsite makes it much easier to get together with a group of people. Super excited to see their new launch!
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