When is the best time to push Luanch campaigns?

Luka Vasic
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After PH updated its home page to have upvotes invisible for the first 4 hours + product spots are at random. When is the best time to push your socials, emails, messaging... Before or after the 4-hour period? Drop your opinions down.


Fernando Doglio
Interesting question! I didn't know about that mechanic, I'm too new to PH! Interested in seeing the responses considering I have a launch tomorrow! :S
Peyt Spencer Dewar
From what I’ve read, 12:01 AM PST is the best time to launch. Is that no longer the case now that upvotes are invisible for that long?
Luka Vasic
@psd It's the best time to launch, my question was about launching your external campaigns like newsletters, social posts, and everything asking your community for support.
Peyt Spencer Dewar
@luka_vasic ah then I misread. I’ve seen all of the above: before, during, and after. “Best” is hard to say
Adith Mathialagan
My advice is to push your outreach throughout your launch day. Right from 12:01 all the way through 11:59. You can never predict the exact timing of when your potential brand ambassadors will be active on the channel you're reaching out to them. .