What's your favorite tool for acquiring B2B customers 🤔

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What's your go-to tool for acquiring B2B customers? Share your professional secret 😀


Antoni Kozelski
I highlight content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media advertising, attending industry events and conferences, and using professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. 🦾
Asim Javed
@antonikozelski Any Recommendations for Email marketing?
Kunal Mehta
My favorite tool for acquiring B2B customers is through personalized networking and establishing genuine relationships. Building trust and delivering exceptional work are essential factors in attracting clients.
@kunal_mehta_94 Guess we focus on digital tools so much that we forget old school networking still works, thanks for highlighting
Unknown User
Google ads, and HubSpot for leadgen!
Amulya Prasad
If you have a good amount of budget for these tools. G2, capttera, and SourceForge can generate B2B lead
Deluar Hosain
Getting B2B prospects is really cool!! Why not you build a wining relationship with your ideal prospect? I did it^_~
Karina Garcia
PR and Social Media for Brand Awareness, Google Ads for lead generation, Newsletters/in app messaging/Email marketing for Retention!
Lord Brian Dean-Madanamootoo
I personally use SemRush Link building for B2B customers, its supposed to only send mails for backlinks but you can edit the message and use it as a CRM for B2B customers. And they provide most email addresses.
Dennis Zax
Cold emailing works like a charm, quintessential for early stage , so Apollo.
Asim Javed
@deds3t Where do we get email addresses? A bit funny question, but i am new to this.
Sandra Robinson
When it comes to acquiring B2B customers, one of my favorite tools is email marketing. It remains an effective and efficient way to reach out to potential clients, nurture leads, and build relationships.
Yohan Penny
My charm and personality. I love in-person networking and building relationships. None of these tools will ever technically acquire clients, especially high-ticket ones. At some point, you are going to have to come out from behind the camera and complete the sale.
Justin Johnson
I came across this lively discussion on Product Hunt about acquiring B2B customers and would love to know what your favorite tools are for this - let's share our expertise and help each other succeed!
Chris Rickard
Apollo has worked well for me (helped land a very large enterprise client)
UB from Revscale™
Little late to the party here but here are a few reasons why Revscale™ is a more effective tool than many others: 👉🏼 Revscale is an AI platform that builds human-to-human connections and partnerships between prospects and sales/business development reps. It is not just a lead generation tool. 👉🏼 This works well for B2B sales (Revscale Sales™) and also works well for Fundraising (Revscale Raise™) and Recruiting (Revscale Recruit™) 👉🏼 The AI identifies who is likely to be a good prospect based on behavioral signals and goes through a nurturing process to educate them before the rep reaches out. This removes the spam aspect of traditional outreach. 👉🏼 It can pick up on conversations and interactions prospects are having across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit etc. to build a profile. This gives it more accurate data than just scraping profiles. 👉🏼 The AI handles timing of outreach optimally for each individual prospect based on when they are most active and likely to engage. It also optimizes messaging tone and content. 👉🏼 Revscale integrates natively with CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot etc. so reps don't have to switch between systems. It can automatically add prospects when they get added to a Google Sheet. 👉🏼 Campaigns can be multi-channel spanning LinkedIn, email, Twitter etc. The AI can build lengthy nurturing sequences lasting months if needed. 👉🏼 It removes the workload for sales reps in researching targets, crafting personalized messaging, optimal outreach timing etc. They can focus on core selling activities. 👉🏼 Customers typically see 10x higher engagement rates versus traditional outreach methods. The AI qualification helps ensure reps' time is spent only on hot leads. 👉🏼 There is no limit on usage - customers can use it as extensively as needed to scale up outreach. The larger the data lake, the more intelligence the AI has for future matching. Happy to offer the Product Hunt community an exclusive discount of 33% off any quarterly plan.
Samuel Salter
@unnat_bak I am interested; I just visited the website. How much is it ? the pricing page does not come up.
UB from Revscale™
@samuel_salter hey! are you still interested? sorry - I never saw the reply notification!
Reyaz Thottathil
Reach those who searching for a B2B e-commerce platform, and give awareness for wholesalers and manufacturing companies come across
Roza Zakaryan
For me it's Hubspot, and AI-powered customer support tools, like Hoory, I signed up for a free trial, and then when I see how it saves my time, I have upgraded my plan.
Priyanka Gupta
Brute Force ;) Reaching out to a mass and then creating engagement channels for regularly coming in front of them is the secret!
Maria Polesh
Content creators and sources like: - G2 - Capterra - Trustpilot - Sortlist - Pitchwall - Clutch - AppFutura - GoodFirms - DesignRush - Extract.co - THEMANIFEST - TechReviewer
Terrence Kelleman
My favorite B2B tactic was something I came up with to geo tag a conference where my potential buyers are meeting for a trade show and preemptively get them to sign up for discounts before visiting my booth.