What's the best compliment you've ever received?

Molly Lombardo
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Jen Anderson
This was years back when I was a business systems analyst. I wrote the specs for an instant messaging system that was supposed to work inside a particular game as well as on the website that hosted several different games. The dev told me my requirements and specifications documents were so we'll done that he wished I wrote the specs for all of his projects.
@jen_from_accomplist that’s amazing, how did that make you feel??
My rockstar mum telling me how proud she is of me. My mum is my superhero! How about you Molly?
Sherry L
I like this question, we never remember the compliments and I have to admit I struggled also! The most memorable was that I set a new benchmark in progression and leaves big shoes to fill :) definitely validated all the hard work I put in :)
Sarvpriy Arya
Best compliment I hear is that I kept calm when things were not right
Max Joshua
Probably that I am dependable and a good support to rely on
Igor Lysenko
Once they wrote to me that my product helped in life and solved problems at work, for me it was like a compliment.
Steve Zhen
"It helps a lot!"
Just an hour ago someone said "You become a Brand ! Superb."