What's an underrated tech product you love?

Shawn Myers
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I'll go first: I'm a big fan of my Click and Grow smart planter at the moment. WBU?


Joanna Kurylo
I started using Xnapper for screenshots and I'm hooked!
Aaron O'Leary
I love Moises at the moment, it makes it suuuuuper easy to remove drum tracks when I want to do a cover!
Elgato Stream Deck: https://www.elgato.com/en/stream... Not many people use it outside of streaming or production, but it can be an awesome way to set up shortcuts for apps or browsing.
Nora Conrad
@_syedhuq I came here to say this! I'm not a streamer but I use it for productivity and it's been on of my favorite additions to my workflow
Leo J Barnett
My $16 alarm clock from Amazon. Does this count? It let's me leave all tech outside the bedroom to ensure a fresh start and end to the day. Cannot recommend this enough. - Essentially gives a minimum 1 hours reading time every day instead of the urge to check the phone. - Un-intrusive clock display (Can have it off the with only the alarm going off so don't have a time glaring in your face all the time) - Mon - Fri setting - 17 Variatons of alarm. Includes Chilled or jarring + classic cuckoo. - Super easy snooze - Night light powerful enough for reading - Very compact and portable! All controlled from 5 buttons on the back. Damn I love this clock. It's actually hard to find a decent alarm clock that ticks every box but I think I found it. Big gap in the market here I think for something more high tech but also unobtrusive.
Leo J Barnett
@grace_bulman Absolutely. I think being more fresh and relax leads to productivity. The uninterrupted reading time is golden. :) https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/prod... What a beauty!
Jasper Ruijs
I love the air frier, I can't imagine my kitchen without it.
Anna Filou
@jas801 which brand/model do you have?
Karthik Tatikonda
I use Twemex twitter sidebar. I feel it's bit underrated.
Abhishek Singh
Casio digital wrist watch. Sense of time, alarm - everything you need without distracting you
Omran Jamal
Launching soon!
I love @pipedream I'm starting to use it to automate just about everything. If you know how to code Pipedream has a much better UX/DX compared to Zapier or Make (Integromat).
Jose Dowman
One underrated tech product I love is a smart power strip or smart plug. These devices allow you to control the power supply to your appliances and devices remotely using a smartphone app or voice commands. They not only make it convenient to turn off devices when you forget to do so manually but also help save energy and reduce electricity bills. Plus, they often come with features like scheduling, energy monitoring, and surge protection, making them versatile and valuable additions to a smart home setup.
Berenice Richardson
I appreciate the versatility and convenience of smart plugs. They turn any regular appliance into a smart one, allowing remote control and automation. It's a small investment with big benefits.