What product do you use to book company travel and do you like it?

Kenny Totten
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There are a lot of options out there in the world of booking corporate travel. Let us know what you use and what you think about it -- give us the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Conner Ann Waterman
I use ALLFLY! The best corporate travel platform in the game. -Live reporting suite (arrival/departure lists, cost breakdowns, air $ summary) -Travel policies set at the event level -Cash back on cancelled tickets -& the customer service is unmatched!!
Molly Lombardo
AllFly comes in handy when booking large group offsites! https://allfly.io
Matthew Sheldon
AllFly has grown extremely popular with meeting & event planners and companies alike. Securing airfare for a team offsite or a company incentive program couldn’t be easier. Having the tools to set your own travel policies, and keeping the team within budget is a game changer!
Jason Skipper
I use Concur, which btw, just did a major update to make all the screens look more modern. While I appreciate the nod to a more modern interface, there are plenty of things that drive me crazy. For one, I book repeated trips to home-office. Well every time I book one of these trips it defaults to showing me hotels near the destination airport! Why not show me the last place I stayed? Collect some feedback so i can remember which hotel has the nice gym and good water pressure. But instead I have to do the search and manage my notes all outside the platform. It does a decent job of importing expenses but even that gets sideways, lately all my hotel stays come in itemized - cool.. BUT it also adds the payment as an itemization and I have go and delete that each time for the thing to balance out. I guess in the end I feel like its an old, giant legacy system trying to play new but is focused more on rounding the corners of the message boxes instead of truly automating the travel expense. If I make the same trip 10 times a year, don't pretend like it's my first time with each booking. You know what I'm going to do, just give it to me Concur? lol I have no sway in what system we choose at work so for now I'm held hostage. Cheers!
Louis Garnier
I use TripActions (now Navan) for booking corporate travel. I've heard mixed reviews but It eaasy to use.