What podcast do you get the most excited to see in your feed?

Jake Crump
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Jake Crump
I love Wednesdays because it's when Shift+F1 releases new episodes. Any other podcast I'm listening to will have to wait at that point. Definitely my favorite podcast, and I highly recommend it if you're interested in or curious about F1.
Calum Webb
@jakecrump I'd totally forgotten you were into F1! Which team have you been supporting? 👀
Jake Crump
@calum I'm a Williams fan which isn't always easy, haha! But Albon had a great race last weekend in Canada, which was very exciting. Alonso at Aston Martin has probably been the most fun to watch this season, though! How about you?
Namrata Arya
I follow a bunch of true crime podcasts and it's always a good ride home when a new episode is out. Also love Neil Patel and Eric Siu's Marketing School Podcast. They do daily bite sized episodes and there's always something to learn from every single one of the episodes
Calum Webb
i'm a big fan of the Today in Focus podcast from the Guardian, it's the only podcast I listen to everyday. It does a great job of doing a deep-dive into daily news topics.
Gabriel Garcia
I have recently been obsessed and binging on my first million podcast. The two hosts Sam Parr and Shaan Puri are great they explain things in a way that makes complete sense and is also entertaining.
Tom Saju
I really like the podcast 'how I built this' by Guy Raz.
Andrea Cavagna
Definitely Lenny’s podcast!
Karina Garcia
@andrea_cavagna Agreed! Lots of insightful experiences from really talented people. Highly recommend 👍🏼
Foaad Khaknezhad
Sound school podcast by Transom Short cuts by BBC 4 20 thousand hertz
Andrew Radev
I love seeing a new episode of "Intentionally Blank" in my youtube feed. Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells are always great fun :)
Simon Miller
Usually I listen to something on psychology, but now I don’t want anything serious at all. I'm sick and I need to relax. Therefore, my choice in favor of the musical direction as Mp3 Indir. I search for podcasts about the history of music and the history of bands. I wouldn't listen to this if I was healthy (probably). But right now this material has gone. There are different leaders. I focus on the genre.
Emelie Holgersson
"Don't Say Content" - growth and marketing without fluff for startups. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/po...
André J
Launching soon!
Not a fan of podcasts, takes too long. But I do love endel.io
I'm a huge podcast fan, I listen to one almost every day. I enjoy popular ones like the Huberman Lab, The Knowledge Project, and Techmeme Ride Home, but for those interested in investment and entrepreneurship, I'd recommend a lesser-known gem, Payback Time.
Kisha Anderson
@dunia_saasradar yeahhhh Huberman Lab is a good one! I have to admit tho, some of his conversations go completely over my head. Others I learn a ton from.
Karsten Richter
I also like "Smart Passive Income" by Pat Flynn and "Online marketing made easy" by Amy Porterfield.
Kevin Bastien
Lenny’s, YC and 20vc are some good ones
Yannell Selman
I love the Rich Roll podcast! Super inspiring. In our team, we think a lot about effective work recovery and doing extreme stuff like Rich Roll talks about helps me disconnect. Our app (which launched today!) Burnout Bot actually nudges people to optimize their time off - would love your feedback!
Riva Kajangu
YC… got to learn from linked-mind folks
Now Days Raj Shamani, Fridman, RichPoll, Indie Hackers, Huberman.
Karina Garcia
1. Lenny’s Podcast - To hear from successful tech product founders / employees and gain insight into how their experiences shapes the success of their businesses 2. Generation Builders - Knowledge sharing from tech startup founders 3. Product marketing insider - Knowledge sharing within the product marketing management community, how to build your career, tips for your startup, etc.