What makes a product go #1?

Luka Vasic
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As the title says, what does Product Hunt consider when rating the #1 product? For example, my product is currently #2, with 80 more upvotes and 60 more comments than the current #1 product. Any other inputs we should consider while there's still time to try to win? Check out our launch: https://www.producthunt.com/post...


You are currently ranked #1 🎉
Jens Mannanal
Looks like you can tell us the secret to this ;)
André J
Launching soon!
Sometimes they subtract upvotes if the upvotes all originate from one website, or are from new accounts. Or known pay for vote accounts etc. Aka bots
Alex Rasic
Great team! Great community! behind a Great product!
Congrats!! After things settle down, can you please share your experience and what you did?
I feel like you need to tell us what’s up!
Igor Lysenko
I think this is the usefulness of the product. If a product is useful then it has value to users and the value of being the number one product
Vian Trinh
Not sure about other cases, but in this case having a creator of the product asking "What makes a product go #1?" can bump your product to #1 ;)