What is your most recent or upcoming product?

Bhargav Dhameliya
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Please comment the name of your product along with a brief description.


Bobby Fisher
Create Snappy ( www.createsnappy.com ). We offer an affordable unlimited design subscription service for web design, logo design and a range of digital assets.
Jean Zhang
Our product CareerSpark (https://careerspark.io) is launching today. It is an ideal tool for students and early-career job seekers. It simplifies job research and content creation tasks.
Jake Harrison
OneSubmitAI, a automate tool for makers, they just need to submit once, and we will help them submit to different directories we curated in our list.
Felya Bilgen
Our recent product is the Robomotion Web Recorder. Our team designed it to record and automate online tasks easily, and no coding is required. We've actually launched it today 😺
Lohan Marques
Grato - Gratitude Journal An iOS app designed to be simple to use and be your daily place to express your emotions
Artyom Ananov | Smart Solutions AI
Hey. My recent product is a simple form to generate FAQ Schema for websites: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Abhinav Kimothi
Hey! We've just launched our latest version of Yarnit, our GenAI based content marketing application Do check it out at www.yarnit.app Any feedback will be very valuable to us
Kenneth H.
Our porduct Aivocadoa(https://www.producthunt.com/prod...) It's health APP that based on AI technology, we blending modern technology with modern food therapy for users. We are looking foward to receive your feeback and follows!
Brian Hurst
mDash (https://getmdash.com/) the first AI-powered project management tool made specifically for web development. mDash co-pilot automatically generates precise quotes, timelines, developer assignments, status updates, and more, propelling you from project request to kickoff in under a minute.
Igor Lysenko
My latest product is about lists with artificial intelligence, the last one is for groups who want to receive and see the workflow.
Winavrs (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) It was launched today by the way. A platform for entrepreneurs and business managers that provides daily insightful content, one-on-one business consulting and access to a team of remote workers