What is your favorite project management software/app and why?

Karina Garcia
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André J
Launching soon!
Github because it's free and is close the code. But probably will start using linear now that we move into operations mode as it's better at bridging biz and tech than GitHub. and their free plan isn't that bad.
Indu Thangamuthu
Zace. A Gantt chart based project management app with intriguing feature support and at the same time with great templates that suits for all businesses. https://play.google.com/store/ap... Moreover, it's developed by our team! 🤗
Karina Garcia
@indu_thangamuthu Thanks for sharing! What make your software different from Asana/Airtable?
Karina Garcia
@thisismeihere What feature of Asana do you like best? Why do Asana over Airtable, Notion, or Monday.com?
subhan ali
A popular design and structural analysis programme in the building sector is CYPECAD Crackedo. Engineers may build and analyse structures made of concrete, steel, wood, and other materials using Cypecad, a programme created by the Spanish business CYPE Ingenieros.
Pavel Kukhnavets
Two years ago our marketing team utilized ProjectLibre and we were rather satisfied. This tool is quite good for those looking for a cost-effective and open-source solution. It offers various features that can be particularly beneficial for managing marketing projects. However, now we realize that this platform lacks some of the more advanced collaboration features and integrations offered by other project management tools like GanttPRO, Asana, or ProofHub. Thus, while Projectlibre is good for fundamental project management tasks, teams requiring more sophisticated collaboration features may look for any available Projectlibre alternative https://ganttpro.com/projectlibr...