What is the 1 piece of software you can’t live without?

Elif Duran
63 replies
What is its name and what do you use it for?


Aaron O'Leary
That is a really tough question to answer! I would say it's a toss up between Illustrator for iPad or Procreate, I don't use either for work but I use both to relax as art and illustration is something I've done since I was a kid
Elif Duran
@aaronoleary When I asked this question, I was expecting easiness, practicality, or enjoyment, but you gave me another point of view, there must be an emotional bond for such a tool.
Aaron O'Leary
@elifduran Indeed! I think at times there can be an emotional bond, I remember I had a phone during my early teen years, a flip up Samsung and I got kind of sad letting it go for a smart phone.
Bernard Badó
It has to be my VSCode. Spoken like a true developer.
Saif Khan
Hands down - Spotify. Who's with me on this?
Shaur ul Asar
Workhub is the software I can't live without. As it allows me to manage and control my team, it has become indispensable in my job.
Sven Radavics
Has to be a browser - in my case, Brave.
Ahrefs when it comes to marketing
Hugh Lagrotteria
Great question, @elifduran! I'm trying to think of software where there's not a solid other option out there if I were to lose it. I think my answer has to be Slack... I'd be miserable without it! 😰
Reda Labdaoui
Blokada, it is only when I disable that see how much ads regular ppl see
Kyle Banta
VSCode. Modern IDEs save so, so much time.
Joanna Kurylo
Notion, without a doubt. I use it for everything between building out my second brain, planning the MVP roadmap for my newest idea, managing relationships and more!
Jonathan Nass
Gotta be Slack — so foundational to the way I work!
Jaida Yang
Streak! Anyone else likes Streak?
Nithin Jawahar
@jaidayang Streak is amazing. Unbelievable level of leads management and email automations even on their free plan.
Nithin Jawahar
@gaucherm Notion is ❤️. If only it was easier to explain to beginners/new users about what it does, it has the potential to grow as big as canva. Especially since the community around notion and it's creators keep on increasing by the day.
Lirian Ostrovica
@elifduran Did you really mean one? :)
Pablo Ignacio
Figma! so I'm very curious about what's next for Figma now that is own by Adobe.