What did you ship this week? Let the community give feedback to your project?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Andres Campo
Hi everyone! This week I shipped our newest web for our upcoming startup program, still testing the messaging. Would love to get feedback if it’s clear what we do. Buildupcamp.com
Sharath Kuruganty
@field94 I love the messaging. One thing you can add is showcasing some real case studies from founders who went from zero to startup!
Miriam Dorsett
@field94 It is very clear. Could be a more diverse unless is the camp only for men?
Andres Campo
@mdorsett Hi Miriam, this is something we are absolutely aware of. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to attract women as our customer as we are fairly early with this new product (5 months). Also, we haven’t been able to attract women as our mentors. The women we have reached out on our network that are founders or highly skilled have turned down our offers to mentor due to time commitments in their careers/projects (completely understandable). We had an internal discussion about this last week with one of our co-founders which happens to be a woman and we came up with a couple of strategies. 1) Engage local women tech/startup communities. (Although to be fair our female co-founder actually finds exclusive that there are only* women communities. We still decided this is a place to start.) 2) Partner with Angel investment networks that are focusing on helping women. 3) Provide free seats to our programs to not only women but also other minorities (this turned into a bigger initiative we will be calling bridging the gap where we will support underrepresented groups of entrepreneurs looking for support.) Anyways a lot of work ahead of us, and I guarantee you I was the first one to be unhappy after I finished designing our new web and I realized the lack of women and minorities we had in our program. I also took this as encouragement to do more and work harder to get our product to the hands of more people as I could partially blame our lack of diversity on the fact that our product marketing has been limited to non. Lastly, if you would like to mentor, connect us to a mentor , or are yourself interested in building a startup let’s connect and see how we could collaborate! Have an awesome week!
Miriam Dorsett
@field94 Thank you for your thoughtful reply! Truly appreciate it. Happy to connect and explore synergies!
https://phlaunchchecklist.com/ Any feedback on the landing page, and marketing it.
David J. Kim
@falak_sher Looks pretty useful, especially segmenting the checklist into "one week before, one day before, etc."
@between_team There ae 12 checklists. Launch day as well as Launch day timeline checklist as well. Sometimes I feel I spent very much time creating this checklist.
@falak_sher Awesome! Love that it is available across a few different platforms. Landing page is looking cleann
Samkelo Drackner
I'm working https://matstad.com/ a reddit style youtube app where users can vote videos either up or down
Stuart Winchester
Fun question! We shipped a couple automation improvements this week. These will help Marble members instantly/securely add a bunch of new types of insurance to their central dashboard. It's a lot of messy data work but it's fun to make even small automation progress each week. We're always getting closer to get to the Robinhood/Mint for insurance goal. https://www.marblepay.com/
Lokhesh Ujhoodha
Made my Wordpress theme modification for my blog public :D https://github.com/Lougarou/twen... Feel to use its free :D
Xavier Coiffard
Hey Y'all! This week I shipped a new version of Marketing4Makers,a private community 100% focus on improving our marketing skills as makers → http://m4m.so
Tony Lea
I just released my new Markdown Editor here: https://www.producthunt.com/post..., 4th place so far 😉 Pretty cool 😎
Hi everyone ! This week I launched 🖼️🆚🖼️, a small but fun tool made to display trending NFTs from OpenSea best collections. It's a product between blockchain and art. I hope you'll like it !
Thomas Sivilay
Shipped a new version of Meta Journal to keep accomplishment list: https://www.producthunt.com/post... And publicly share it for once! That was a milestone I wanted to reach in August and still working on improvements!
Derek Leiro
Shipped this android app this week. It aims to help people get things done, free for all features no strings attached. https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Fedor Kovalev
Hey Sharath and product hunt community! I recently shipped few new templates for teachers plan their lesson faster - https://app.magiceducator.com/ Tool generates teaching materials tailored to classroom. It is powered by GPT-3 and other NLP tech. You are welcome to try it out
Mavlonbek Muratov
Hello PH! This week I shipped researchai.co. Added new tools with UI improvements. Feedback appreciated!
David J. Kim
@mavlonbek_muratov The paraphrase feature seems useful. Based on the YouTube video demo though, I didn't understand how it would work in more specific subjects. For example, what if you're writing about something like clock syncing?
Hello Puyup
Hay, I launch https://cliexec.com, mind blowing for software engineer when bored can't celebrate after fixing tons bugs.
Isabel Nyo
This week (or last week), I shipped the CTO Toolkit (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) Feedback would be welcome because while the conversion is fairly decent, my launch on PH flopped.
David J. Kim
@eisabai While I can't really provide feedback on the product itself (no way to access without paying), In my opinion, I'd say reduce the number of words per slide if you can. These days it's incredibly hard to keep someone's attention for too long, so if you can bring your point in less words, do it. For example, on the "Hiring" slide you can reword it to something like "learn the structure and best practices you need to get the best talent." Just my 2 cents.
Peter Parker
I am new here so I will looking forward to it to ship this week.