What are top 3 steps we should consider before launching a product on Product Hunt?

Adarsh Kumar
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Jakub Piskor
1) Have a small group of supporters who are willing to support your launch and advocate for your product. 2) Split your email list into segments and send it throughout the day. 3) Choose the perfect launch day based on your targets. You can find more useful tips from successful founders here: https://www.startupdock.net/
Joanna Kurylo
I think it is the following: 1) Do you have a community that you can launch "with." If you want a faster way of starting ot build the community, I do recommend trying out Product Hunt Ship. I used it when I launched AtomPay and it was super useful! 2) Do you have the proper screenshots to add to your image gallery? This is huge!! 3) Don't underestimate twitter. Start talking about your product on Twitter and marketing this at least 2-3 weeks prior to your product hunt launch!
Karthik Tatikonda
1. Do we have the community that supports us 2. Video, Images, Title, Tagline, Description and First comment are ready? 3. Do we have a plan for the launch day? like how are we going to promote it?