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Artem Luko
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Ruben Lanche
In my opinion, this is going to make a huge impact on the platform's user base, as the previous "bird" icon was not just a logo, but something that related to the name of the platform and the activities on it. (Eg: A "Tweeting" of a bird). The new logo does not relate to the platform at all. And this is going to make a huge negative impact on the regular users on Twitter who have built a strong bond with the brand thus far. What Elon Musk should have done in my opinion is to create a new variation of the logo, rather than introducing a whole different logo entirely. We might even have to witness of a significant downfall of Twitter's userbase in the coming days, which will be heavily harmful to the platform (unless it was intentional. Could be a huge gain for Threads though.)
Muhammad Ali
I completely agree with you. As a long-time Twitter user, I wasn't a fan of the change from the bird logo to 'X.' It seems like a crazy decision, and I share your concern that this 90-degree turn of the logo might have a negative impact on its user base.
Jacob Hill
thrilled about Twitter X! Its innovative features, especially the new user interface and improved algorithm, are quite promising, making the platform even more interactive and user-friendly 👏👍👀!
I will say nothing till we get a new update with innovative features.
Thrilled about the much-anticipated Twitter X! The innovative features, especially the sleek user interface and enhanced algorithm, hold great promise, elevating the platform's interactivity and user-friendliness to a whole new level.
I was excited to see twitter progress under its old name and become the all app so i dont like the name change. The app is changing in its root
Musk imprinting his branding and a marketing tactic to make Twitter relevant again (after Threads launch).
Paolo Castro
Twitter X 🧐 or Flash News: Elon owns since 2000 (Paypal). Also: 1. This is a continuation of Elon's Empire 🤴; it aligns with SpaceX and xAI. 2. Twitter aims to be the all-in-one app for Mars, facilitating communication, social interactions, and information publishing, similar to WeChat. He is steadily building his empire and establishing his brand. It's a strategic move, and I wouldn't be surprised if, in 2 months, no one remembers the bluebird... 😭
Sandro Fiorio Jr
@paolo_castro great point! But I believe that Twitter will be remembered as Orkut is remembered even today.
Sandro Fiorio Jr
Let's remember that a few months ago Musk announced the change of the company's name (corporate name) to X Corp. And in addition, a few days ago he announced a new artificial intelligence company that he leads, xAi (which according to what the company's mission tells us, will be responsible for discovering the universe, lol). Well, I believe that Musk wants to create a gigantic ecosystem, processing thousands of data from Twitter (currently and using them to train xAi's neural models to create a platform for insights and understanding people in real time. Looking forward to the next news.
Geri Máté
Right now when I look at Twitter on my laptop I get a feeling that it's a cheap Twitter rip off with an X logo on the top corner. The bird is the word and it's something Elon is taking for granted when he decides to get rid of the Twitter brand. Twitter is a social media household name. Tweeting, tweet, these are words that most people who use the internet understand and use. A clear signal that something turned out to be the thing.
Nick Anisimov
So far, apart from changing the logo, I don’t particularly expect anything in the near future. I really don't want Musk to try to make another super app.
Elon doing something weird creating a buzz just with the move of doing something huge and not expected.
Allison Ly
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Aida Zu
Tweets are goint to be twixs soon 👀
Allison Ly
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Maicon |
Many people more concerned with the X than the $
Allison Ly
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Luka Vasic
I'm not a fan of the rebrand and the new logo. The Twitter bird was iconic and represented what the platform was all about. Tweeting has become engrained in our language, like when you say "Just Google it", everyone understood what Tweeting was. I can't imagine anyone saying "Hey, I'll X my opinion on this topic." As for the new features, some of them look cool, some are concerning. One thing is for sure, everything is unpredictable, but I think all of this will negatively impact Twitter's user base and community.
Will be missing the bird
Luís Carlos Araújo
without questioning whether the name X is good or not or whether a rebrand is good or not... the way this was done is one of the most disgraceful branding exercises I've ever seen in my 25 years in design and branding.. done with no thought, no planning, no testing, no strategy, just spontaneous afterthought of a creative spark like a 12-year-old child with ADHD at the very least .. refine the logo and test it in colours.. platform usage.. apply it to the site and app.. update the app.. think of the new terminology for the product.. even a basic brand guideline... its unprofessional, immature and frankly embarrassing for those who say "oh I like it" fair enough I'm not questioning the name.. just the design and the way it's been launched it's laughable.. and to be honest I'm still in shock one of the worlds biggest tech companies can do something so insanely stupid.