Tips to get lot of people join your coming soon teaser page?

Khul Anwar
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I have created teaser page here compared to other makers, it;s crazy I wonder how they get a lot of people join coming soon page Any tips ?


Chathuranga Pathum
Spark intrigue, target your audience, and offer incentives on a clear, visually appealing teaser page. Engage your audience, keep the momentum, and adapt based on their response.
John McTavish
Our team went through this last spring and ended up with a successful launch by hyping it up for ~1 month ahead of the PH launch. Mostly on Twitter but a bit on Linkedin as well. We wrote a (short) 6-step guide after getting product of the day + week — check it out here: PS: we didn't have huge audiences on Twitter to make this happen, started with a few hundred each — so it's definitely possible without a big established following.