SaaS Growth Metrics + Calculator is now live!

Goutham Bandaru
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Hello there 👋🏻 SaaS Growth Metrics + Calculator is now live. Yay! What’s Inside? 🚀 Metrics founders need to know - 50+ metrics you need to know that are typically tracked by most SaaS founders, product, marketing and sales teams. 📊 Key Metrics to be included in your company’s performance dashboard 📈 SaaS growth metrics calculators - Simple spreadsheet-based metrics calculators Learn more about SaaS growth metrics and calculators at: Thank you!


Joanna Kurylo
Did you build this in typedream? Love this!
Software Guy (Aarvy)
Hi Gautham, congratulations on your product launch. I can help you scale your product by writing a detailed review on my blog. I mainly review SaaS products. I would like to know more about your tool. Please ping me at thesoftwareguy1994 at with your name and product details. I would love to hear from you.