Revolutionize your note-taking habits!

Hengjia Wang
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A month ago, we launched MindOS-Memory Twin on Product Hunt. We received incredible feedback on how we may help users get their second brain. However, this concept cannot live without a mobile companion. So are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our MindOS app on iOS! 📱🔥 Be among the first to experience the future! 💌 Based on your responses, we'll send an email invitation in 2 days to download the TestFlight app and join the beta program 📌 Limited space applied.


Thanks for the heads up! Just filled out the form and cant wait for trying the app!
Anya Bouchard
This app sounds exciting! I'm always juggling client notes and a reliable mobile solution would be a game-changer. Curious about the "second brain" concept, especially with how much visual inspiration I collect on the go. How does this MindOS-Memory Twin help organize random ideas that strike while walking down the street? Or is it only for big documents? Can it also synx with the desktop version? Can't wait to try it out!
Super excited about this! can't wait to give it a shot!
Muhammad Mohsin
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Catalina Banuleasa
Congrats! ✌️🙌
Jingbo Shang
I love iOS app!!!
Bob WIlsey
Great! P.S I am also launching my product soon, do check it out!