Product Hunt should get a dark mode on PC, who agrees?

Abrar Sami
29 replies


Dzmitry Tsemirau
You can try the night mode on your screen. It helps me, at least.
Callum Jones
The iPhone app already seems to be this way no?!
Rihab Zaidi
YEES, I go dark on most platforms so product hunt needs to join the group hahah
it's even more important for mobile app
Fitz Dupuy
I agree with you
André J
Launching soon!
Just get dark reader chrome extension, and you will have it
Saniyyah Prima
Yes, please! I agree with you
Sophie Diaz
I'm all in for a dark mode, not just for the aesthetics but also for the improved readability and focus.
Of course a dark mode is needed. I use it almost everywhere and would be happy if Product Hunt added this feature to theirs as well.
Markk Tong
Absolutely, a dark mode on Product Hunt would be a game changer for night owls and those of us who prefer low-light environments. Count me in on this suggestion, Abrar!
Matteo Zumpano
Vincent Xu
Absolutely, a dark mode would be a great addition for those late-night browsing sessions—easy on the eyes and just plain cool. Count me in on the dark mode bandwagon!
Denis Banda
I agree with you. Sometimes this white hurts too much.
Artyom Sviridov
Yep, that would actually be cool
Absolutely agree, Abrar! A dark mode would be a game-changer for late-night browsing and those who prefer a more eye-friendly interface.